What happens to Tomie at the end?

What happens to Tomie at the end?


The fate of Tomie varies across the different stories and adaptations of the manga by Junji Ito. In some versions, she is killed by her own clones or by a group of men who become obsessed with her and turn violent. In other versions, she seems to be immortal, with new clones appearing after each death.

One notable example is the story "Tomie: Again" in which a group of Tomie's clones are brought together by a man obsessed with the original Tomie. The clones start to merge together into a new form of Tomie, causing chaos and destruction. However, it is unclear if this new being is truly Tomie or something else entirely.

In the end, the fate of Tomie remains uncertain and open to interpretation. Some readers believe that her immortality and ability to manipulate and control others make her a symbol of the destructive nature of beauty and desire. Others see her as a metaphor for the dangerous power of femininity and the fear it can inspire in men.

The ending of Tomie varies depending on the specific story or adaptation. In some versions, Tomie is killed or seemingly killed by one of her victims, only to regenerate into multiple new Tomies. In other versions, she is finally able to be killed permanently.

In the original manga, Tomie's death is never fully shown or confirmed. The final chapter, "Photograph," ends with a photo of Tomie and her classmates from high school, suggesting that she may have always been present in their lives and that she continues to exist in some form.

In the live-action film adaptation "Tomie: Unlimited," Tomie is killed by her sister Tsukiko, who then begins to experience hallucinations and visions of Tomie, suggesting that she may have become possessed by her.


Overall, the ambiguity surrounding Tomie's fate only adds to her mystique and horror as a character.

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