What is a BJD DOLL 2022?

What is a BJD DOLL 2022?

As the name suggests, the joints of these dolls are connected by spherical parts. It is because of such special construction that BJD can more vividly show more rich movements and gestures. Plus, contemporary BJD dolls are often taller than previous ones (typically between 43cm and 70cm) , which gives the dolls more room to be shaped. BJD's knuckles are often connected with rubber bands, aluminum wires and rope, allowing the doll to change not only clothing, but also makeup, hands, feet, hair, and even eyeballs. Therefore, the charm of BJD to the player is endless, she gives the player an unfettered display of their personality space. Of course, the circle of children jokingly called“Raising children” are rich, because BJD really burn money.

So What's SD doll?

Many people call all knuckle dolls SD, in fact, SD is just a kind of BJD dolls, is made in Japan, the full name Volks SD. This misconception arises because its first full-size resin BJD doll, Nana, was published relatively early in 1999.

What's a animal doll?


Globular-jointed animals belong to a branch of BJD, and regular resin pets don't even qualify as BJD if they don't have full-body joints.

Like this is a common resin pet

What does it mean to be a child?

“Several points” is according to the person's height (180CM) for the standard proportion of reduction to delimit, such as the doll is one-third of the height of the person, it is referred to as the three-point Baby, that is, about 60CM. However, with the increase in the number of baby clubs and the capricious free development of each family, the size is also more and more, so now a few have no strict standards. 


Partial data annotation (all units are CM)

12 points: 12 below 3 points: female 58-62

Eight points: about 18 male, 58-65

Six minutes: about 26 older woman: about 68

Quarter: 40-46 Uncle: about 70

Small four points: 40 below two points: 80-90 or so
The same points of the doll's body structure, skin color, head circumference, and so on May Be Different, there are many strange body, these problems are also the reason to play doll money. Although the BJD joint can be removed and replaced, even the eyeball can be replaced, but because of size, skin color, age and other issues make accessories can not be universal. So when you're looking to buy a new doll and figure out how to fit in with the old one, it's best to go to the craftsmen's circle of human dolls and ask moms who have physical dolls at home, consult and then buy more assured OH ~

BJD's wigs:

Materials: there are a little rough wool, Mohair, wool head, and relatively smooth high-temperature silk and heat resistance silk. The difference between them is literally, a heat-resistant one heat-resistant, the most common should be high-temperature silk. But the price depends on the quality.

Size: different BJD head circumference may require a certain size of wig, but with the exception of wool and hair, other wigs are generally elastic. Size selection is generally a few children with a few points of wigs.

BJD's eyeballs

Before saying eyeballs, pure white should first understand the word“Chasing”. The so-called“Chasing” refers to BJD's eyeballs because they have a certain degree of transparency, so from different angles there will be a doll staring at you feel, said the eyes are the window of the soul, which also makes the BJD doll more vivid.


There are plastic (acrylic) , resin, glass these three kinds. The most common of these is the glass eye.

The most common is glass eyeballs, because each home, the texture are different, so the price is uneven. Domestic Mandarin duck eyes a few dollars a pair, but there will be a few thousand dollars on the craft of a pair of eyes!

2. Acrylic is great for DIY moms because it's malleable, but it's not as realistic, translucent, or as good at chasing people as a resin eyeball. Costs are low and prices are low.

3. Resin eye is difficult to make but contains the advantages of glass and plastic, so it is more expensive, and production is not much. But the resin eye also has a disadvantage, is that time will turn yellow.
There are high and low arc (iris height) ; spherical, semi-autumn, ship-shaped and chess pieces; also divided into hollow and solid, and so on. Each eyeball has its own advantages and disadvantages, purchase also need to be determined according to their own baby and official website data.

Note: Full-sleep dolls certainly don't need eyeballs
BJD maintenance notes:

1. Take the baby to go out with a bag, cotton pad and mask, at home for a long time when also covered with cloth. Keep the dolls naked if they sleep in the box for a long time.

2 should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, should not be placed in high temperature environment.

Stay away from Lin Bai and children, their love or carelessness may lead to “Tragedy”!

4 clothing, luggage accessories and so on and people need moisture-proof. The baby's close-fitting clothes also try to choose light-colored department, to avoid fabric fading will doll dyeing.

5 use soft light instead of flash photography, taking pictures of other people's dolls without flash is also the basic etiquette of the circle.

6 should not be frequent makeup, as little as possible the use of chemical solvents, the use of makeup remover should be gentle action. But once a year to change makeup, to avoid eating makeup phenomenon.

Once the doll is soaked in water, it must be thoroughly dried before it is put away.

How to buy a SD doll?





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