What is a MSD doll 2022?

What is a MSD doll 2022?

what's difference betwin MSD and MMD?



Msd and mdd are both four points in size. Essentially, mdd and msd are two kinds of BJD dolls, one is mjd (mechanical jointed doll) and one is bjd (ball jointed doll). mdd and msd materials are also different, mdd will be a little softer, msd is hard resin. mdd is a size of volks' Dollfie Dream series. msd is a size of volks' Surper Dollfie series of a size (after being bjd players commonly used to call the quarter wa) if it is soom quarter buy waistcoat, choose msd size (generally quarter also choose msd). mdd size to be a circle smaller than msd.

In terms of BJD dolls types, msd is a four-point SD, belonging to the bjd doll, while mdd is a four-point dd, belonging to the mjd (mechanical joint doll). From the body type, msd is the daily life of the undeveloped ten-year-old child body type (may now children develop earlier, about 8 years old is similar) partial realistic limbs look a little short fat. mdd although also about ten years old child settings, but is the anime or lean kind of children, long legs waist, wear anything look good. Before someone summed up the experience: msd as a model for the sellers show even if the clothes look ordinary, but the rest of the quarter bjd wearing are good-looking, because the rest of the waifu society of the quarter waifu most of them have a sense of curves than msd. If msd are wearing particularly good-looking clothes, blind buy is right. The actual body shape data of soom and ordinary bjd seems to be not the same, I remember that it is considered thin, maybe mdd clothes are quite suitable but it is better to measure the specific data. It is good to see that the author of the baby clothes used mdd and soom as the model for the same clothes, it seems that the loose version of the clothes is not a big problem.

The mdd is the name of the size division of volks. msd is bjd, mdd is dd secondary face of the doll seems to be mechanically jointed. bjd quarters are generally typed in accordance with msd, soom quarters and msd baby clothes accessories are the same size, in addition to quarters outside the body accessories are common. mdd body is thin and small as well as staining problems, so the tight-fitting clothes made specifically for mdd msd can not wear.



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