What is the blythe doll history?

Blythe dolls have an interesting and unique history. The story of Blythe dolls begins in the early 1970s when they were first introduced by the American toy company Kenner. However, despite their initial release, the dolls did not gain much popularity at the time and were eventually discontinued after only one year on the market.

The distinctive feature of Blythe dolls is their large, oversized heads with big eyes that change color and direction with the pull of a string. This characteristic caused some controversy during the doll's initial release, as many people found the large eyes and unique appearance to be somewhat unsettling.

After being discontinued, Blythe dolls faded into obscurity for several decades. However, in the late 1990s, a photographer named Gina Garan discovered a Blythe doll in a thrift store and became fascinated by its unusual appearance. She began photographing the doll and posting the pictures online, which caught the attention of a Japanese toy company called Takara.

Takara recognized the potential of Blythe dolls and decided to reintroduce them to the market in Japan in 2001. This time, the dolls gained a significant following and became a sensation. The unique look and customizable features of Blythe dolls appealed to collectors and enthusiasts, and their popularity quickly spread beyond Japan.

Blythe dolls soon gained a cult following worldwide, particularly among adult collectors and artists. Their large eyes and expressive faces made them a favorite subject for photography, fashion, and art projects. Many artists and designers started creating custom Blythe dolls, giving them unique outfits, hairstyles, and modifications.

The popularity of Blythe dolls led to the creation of numerous accessories, clothing lines, and even dedicated conventions and events. The doll's iconic look also influenced fashion trends and inspired collaborations with renowned designers and brands.

In recent years, Blythe dolls have continued to evolve and remain popular. Various companies produce Blythe-style dolls with different variations, such as Neo-Blythe and Petite Blythe, catering to different preferences and price ranges. Blythe doll collectors enjoy the creativity and customization possibilities they offer, making each doll a unique work of art.

The history of Blythe dolls is a testament to their enduring appeal and the power of a distinctive design. From their humble beginnings to their resurgence and continued popularity, these dolls have carved a special place in the world of toys, art, and fashion.

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