What is the blythe doll wig scalp?

--Edelweiss day blythe doll wig scalp

The Blythe doll wig scalp serves as the foundation for attaching the doll's wig securely to its head. It provides a smooth surface for the wig to be glued or sewn onto, ensuring that it stays in place and looks natural. Additionally, the wig scalp helps to protect the doll's head and maintain its shape while allowing for easy removal and replacement of the wig.

Besides using a wig scalp, there are other methods to attach a doll's wig:

  1. Elastic Band Method: This involves sewing an elastic band around the perimeter of the wig cap. The elastic band helps to secure the wig in place on the doll's head.

  2. Glue Method: Using fabric glue or a strong adhesive, you can carefully glue the wig directly onto the doll's head. This method requires precision and care to ensure that the wig is attached evenly and securely.

  3. T-Pins or Sewing Method: T-pins or sewing can be used to attach the wig to the doll's head. With this method, holes are made along the edge of the wig cap and corresponding holes are made on the doll's head. The wig is then pinned or sewn onto the head, allowing for a secure attachment.

  4. Magnet Method: Some doll customizers use small magnets embedded in the doll's head and wig cap to create a magnetic attachment. This method allows for easy removal and interchangeability of wigs.

Each method has its pros and cons, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your preferences and the type of doll you're customizing.

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