What is the Neck Joints of Blythe Dolls ?

Blythe dolls have several different neck joint mechanisms across various generations and models. The neck joint design can affect the doll's ability to change eye colors and gaze direction. Here are some common types of neck joints found in Blythe dolls:

  1. Traditional Inner String: This is the most common neck joint mechanism in Blythe dolls. It consists of a string running through the neck and head that is controlled by a pull cord. When you pull the cord, it changes the position of the eye mechanism inside the head, allowing you to change the eye colors and gaze direction. The neck itself may have a ball-and-socket joint or a pivot point to enable head movement.

  2. ADG (Aesthetic Development Group) Neo Blythe: ADG Neo Blythe dolls have a different neck joint system. Instead of the traditional inner string mechanism, they use a worm gear mechanism inside the head to control the eye movement. This design allows for smoother and more precise eye changes.

  3. RBL (Radiance Beauty, or Regular Blythe) Neo Blythe: RBL Neo Blythe dolls also have a worm gear mechanism for eye changes, similar to the ADG models. However, they may have slight differences in the neck and head construction.

  4. FBL (Fairest, or Factory Blythe) Neo Blythe: FBL Neo Blythe dolls typically use the traditional inner string mechanism for eye changes, like the earlier Blythe models.

  5. EBL (Excellent, or Encore Blythe) Neo Blythe: EBL Neo Blythe dolls often feature the traditional inner string mechanism, but they may have variations in the design and construction of the neck joint.

  6. Other Custom and Art Dolls: Custom Blythe dolls or dolls created by independent artists may have unique neck joint mechanisms. These can include hybrid neck joints that combine elements from different Blythe doll generations or entirely custom-designed mechanisms.

When purchasing replacement parts or customizing your Blythe doll, it's crucial to consider the specific model and generation of your doll to ensure compatibility with the neck joint mechanism. Additionally, some collectors may choose to upgrade or modify their Blythe dolls with aftermarket neck joint systems for enhanced functionality or ease of use. Always research and consult with experts or experienced Blythe doll enthusiasts if you plan to modify your doll's neck joint.

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