What Blythe Doll Dimensions & Measurements 2022?

What Blythe Doll Dimensions & Measurements 2022?

What Blythe Doll Dimensions & Measurements 2022?

You've probably seen a Blythe doll before, they're those popular stylized dolls. There are a few features that make them unique. Unlike other dolls, the Blythe doll has a long and slender body with an oversized head and large eyes. What size is a Blythe doll? It's about 8" tall and is made with fine-quality vinyl.

Blythe dolls are widely sought-after collectibles that come in many different sizes. While there is some variation between dolls, any factory Blythe doll that you order should share the same basic size.

Toy measurements can vary from product to product, even if they're in the same category. Knowledge of these figures can help determine the type of clothing or accessories you purchase for your toy. Blythe toy customizers will find these measurements helpful when making their own clothes and accessories.

Do you want to know how tall the factory Blythe doll is? Well, you came to the right place. In this post, we'll provide an overview of the most common Blythe doll dimensions with photo references.
In this article, we'll talk about Blythe doll features from their big feet to the height of a standard doll.

Against a factory-made Blythe doll we have in our studio, the measurements were about *x*

The following are measurements of the Blythe doll body.
Height: 14 cm
Waist: 10 cm
Bust: 12 cm
Body Length: 24.5 cm

Blythe doll size is 1/6.

The length of the giraffe with its head is 28.5 centimeters long.

Body without head: 18.5 cm

Chest circumference: 10.5 cm

Waist measurement: 7.5 cm

Hips circumference: A 10.5-inch hip circumference

This is where you'll find all the information on BLYTHE Doll measurements.

Body height: 6 feet

Head Width: 8.5 cm Ear to Ear

Head Circumference: 27.5 cm

Top of ear to top of head: 5 cm

The eye socket is 1.5cm wide and 2cm high

Nose: 1 cm wide x .8 cm tall.

Mouth: 2 cm wide x 8 cm tall

Distance between nose and top of mouth: .6 cm

ears is 1.9 cm.

The ear width is about one centimeter.

Height of the neck to the head is .6 cm


Armpits to fingertips: 7.5 cm

Arms from shoulder to elbow: 4.2 cm

The arm, from the shoulder to the wrist, measures 6.2 centimeters.

The leg length of the Blythe doll is 3"

It takes about 13.5 centimeters from the hip to the heel.

The inside leg from the crotch to the heel is 11 cm.

A complete list of Blythe doll measurements can be found below.

Foot from toe to heel: 2.1 cm


Hand from wrist to end of hand: 1.8 cm

Blythe Doll with a string

String coming out of head: 23 centimeters

Here are some of the most common questions we've heard from customers about Blythe measurements.

To answer some of your questions about Blythe vs. Barbie dolls, we've created a list of their pros and cons. Some common questions include whether or not you can change the clothes, shoes, hair, and so on.

Blythe dolls are a scaled toy that ranges from 12.5cm to 18cm.

The original Blythe doll is 28 cm tall and 1/6 scale.

Do Barbie's shoes fit Blythe dolls?

A lot of Barbie shoes will not fit a Blythe doll. The foot angle is different, and the calf length on a Blythe doll is larger than on a Barbie doll, so boots won't fit either. If you're looking for shoes for your Blythe doll, purchase ones designed specifically for their feet and calf size.

Barbie clothes fit Blythe? Can Barbie clothes be used by other dolls like Ken, Skipper and the new One Step Changers?

Most Barbie clothes would be able to fit a Blythe doll. But, there are exceptions for some of the things that can be interchanged, like tight shirts or shorts. That's not to say you can't have them on your Blythe doll though! Just know that, now that Barbie dolls come in many sizes, not all clothes will fit them.

If you are not sure what size of clothes you need for your doll, consult the sizing charts first before purchasing anything. Make sure to check measurements and sizes if you are buying sewing patterns for your Blythe doll.

Where can I find cute clothes for my Blythe doll?

Edelweissday offer custom handmade clothing to fit the needs of Blythe dolls.

If you're a Blythe doll collector, then you know that it's important to know how they measure up. You need to be able to find the clothes and furniture that fit your dolls perfectly.

The measurements of each doll will depend on specific factors like the brand and style, so make sure to double-check the measurements for your doll before you make a purchase.

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Should I get a Blythe doll? What size is a Blythe doll? In many ways, the Blythe doll is unique. It has a long, slender body with big eyes and oversized head. The factory-made Blythe is a tall fashion doll with oversized head and big eyes.

One of the most popular and sought-after collectibles are Blythe dolls. Their sizes vary, but they all have the same body type and proportion.

If you're considering acquiring a Blythe doll, it's important to know what size it is and how to measure them so that you can find the right clothing or accessories for your new toy. For customizers that are also making their own clothes, understanding the measurements will be helpful when designing clothes for their dolls.

Have you been wondering how tall the Blythe factory doll is? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we provide photo references of the most common Blythe doll dimensions.

We'll discuss what big Blythe doll feet mean and how height relates to a Blythe doll.

*The measurements are based on a doll we have in our studio.

The measurements of the Blythe dolls are as follows.

The scale of a Blythe doll: 1/6

This sentence rewriter is 28.5 cm tall, including the head.

18.5 square centimeters

Chest: 2.54 inches

7.5 cm

The circumference of the hips is 10.5 centimeters.

Doll Head Size

Length: 33 cm

Head width: 8 5/8 cm ear to ear

The circumference of this head is 27.5 cm.

From the top of your ear to the top of your head, it's 5 centimeters.

Eye sockets: two centimeters wide by one and a half centimeters tall.

Nose: 1 cm wide and .8 cm tall

Mouth: 2 cm wide x .8 cm tall

The top of the nose is about .6 cm from the top of the mouth.

The height of the ears: 19 cm

1cm Ears

Necks are 0.6 cm thick on the average.

I measured the length of your arm from your shoulder to end of hands. 7.5 cm.

Arms from shoulder to elbow: 42 cm

Arm stretches from the shoulder to the wrist: 6.2 cm

A person's leg that is 13.5 cm is from their hip to their heel.

The inside leg from the crotch to the heel is 11 centimetres.

Blythe Doll Feet Measurements

There are 2.1 centimeters from the tip of the foot to the heel.

Blythe is about 11 inches tall and has three different measurements at her limbs, head, and hips.

The length of a person's palm is usually 1.8 cm from the wrist to the end of the hand.

The string in these dolls can be pulled, so measure it!

String coming out of the puppet's head is 23 cm long.

I'm looking for measurements for a Blythe doll.

To help you understand the difference between our Blythe dolls and Barbie dolls, we have compiled a list of common questions. You might be wondering if there are any interchangeable pieces, styles or accessories. The answers are here!

What is the scale of Blythe dolls?

The original Blythe doll is short and miniature. It's 1/6 scale.

We'll have to wash them in the sink first.

The shoe size for an authentic Barbie and a Blythe doll are different. You won't find any shoes designed for the Blythe doll in a store that stocks Barbie's because the dolls have different body types and feet. Even if you found some shoes from another doll-maker, they probably won't fit your Blythe doll because of its calf size. The best place to buy shoes for your Blythe is online, at a retailer that specializes in their specific needs.

Many Barbie clothes fit Blythe dolls. It's hard to tell if all the clothing is compatible.

Most Barbie clothes will fit a Blythe doll, but not always, as there are exceptions. Usually stretchy doll dresses and shirts work, but sizes have changed to accommodate the different Barbie shapes. And, if you're including pants or leggings in an outfit, it might not fit a Blythe doll at all.

It is important to measure your Blythe doll before purchasing doll clothes. Be sure to refer to the sizing charts before buying any clothes for your drafl. If you are planning on sewing for a Blythe doll, make sure to check the measurements listed in the sewing pattern.

Edelweissday offer custom clothing specifically designed for Blythe dolls.

Want to see Blythe doll clothing?

If you collect Blythe dolls, you know that understanding their dimensions is important. Almost everything for the dolls like clothes and furniture is sized according to their size, which means if you don't measure them correctly, it can lead to wasting time and money when shopping.

The measurements for each figure vary. The specific measurements for a figure is included in the description so make sure to check those out before making a purchase.

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