What size is a 1/3 BJD doll?

What size is a 1/3 BJD doll?

The first thing you will notice when joining the Ball Jointed doll hobby is that they come in a few different size categories. Learning about each of them can be overwhelming at times, but I hope this guide can make things a bit easier for you.

There is a spectrum of different sized dolls. Their general size designations are the same among all BJD (Breast-Knee-Elbow) companies, but their names may vary depending on the brand. For example, “Honey Delf” is a larger doll of the LUTS brand.

YoSD size

Original terminology for YoSD meant "Young Super Dollfie." Yo stands for the Japanese word for infant, and so the term literally translates to something like "baby doll". The original Dollfie referred to the Volks ball jointed dolls; however, this term is now used to refer to other company's ball-jointed dolls. There are 1/6th scale YoSD dolls with facial features that more closely resemble babies.

MSD for Mini Super Dollfie. These dolls are more mature than YoSD and depict preteen and teenage characteristics. Basically, girls have varying sizes of breasts and boys with muscles. MSD dolls are 1/4 scale and range from 34-36 cm (13-14 inches).

SD Size

Dolls in the SD category are more mature and range from 1/3 size. They feature adult female and male bodies with a wider range of facial features.


BJD Clothing Lines

Now that you understand BJD doll proportion, you can take your knowledge and go shopping. When you are getting clothing or shoes for your doll, pay attention to the size in centimeters. I use this handy converter when clothes are marked in both centimeters and inches.

Photos of a doll with measurements will be posted on all BJD doll websites. You can also see the measurements for individual body parts such as arms and legs, neck, and head circumference for better matching clothes.

I advise that when you are purchasing shoes, it's important to measure your doll's foot with a caliper before buying. Even fractions of a centimetre can make the difference between having the right size and not.




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