What was the material used to make the Blythe doll's wig?

Blythe doll wigs are typically made from synthetic fibers. The most common material used for these synthetic fibers is Kanekalon, a type of modacrylic fiber. Kanekalon is popular for doll wigs because it has a natural look and feel, it's easy to style, and it's resistant to heat damage. The synthetic nature of the material also allows for a wide range of colors and styles in Blythe doll wigs.

Occasionally, you may find Blythe doll wigs made from other synthetic fibers or even real human hair, but synthetic fibers like Kanekalon are more prevalent due to their versatility and ease of maintenance in the context of doll customization.
While wool is a natural fiber commonly used for various crafts, it is not a typical material for making Blythe doll wigs. Blythe doll wigs are more commonly crafted from synthetic fibers like Kanekalon due to their versatility, durability, and ease of styling.

Wool has some characteristics that might make it less suitable for doll wigs. It can be prone to matting, tangling, and shedding, which are not desirable qualities for doll hair. Additionally, wool is more likely to felt when exposed to moisture or friction, potentially leading to changes in texture and appearance.

If you're interested in making a custom Blythe doll wig, it's recommended to use materials specifically designed for doll wigs, such as synthetic fibers like Kanekalon, which offer better control over styling and maintenance.

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