What's original blythe doll ?

What's original blythe doll ?

The original Blythe doll refers to the first generation of Blythe dolls that were produced by the Japanese company Takara in the 1970s. These dolls were designed by Allison Katzman and were initially released in 1972 but were only available for a short period due to limited popularity at the time.

The original Blythe dolls have several distinctive features that set them apart from other dolls. They have a unique oversized head with large eyes that change color and gaze in different directions with the pull of a string. The dolls also have jointed bodies, allowing for a variety of poses and positions.

The original Blythe dolls gained a cult following and became highly sought after by collectors in the early 2000s when they gained popularity in the fashion and art communities. Their unusual and distinctive appearance, as well as their limited availability, contributed to their appeal.

Since the renaissance of Blythe dolls in the early 2000s, Takara has released various new versions and editions of Blythe dolls, including Neo Blythe, Middie Blythe, and Petite Blythe, among others. These newer versions still maintain the essence of the original Blythe dolls while introducing new features, styles, and customization options.

While the original Blythe dolls are considered collector's items and can be quite rare and expensive to acquire, the subsequent generations of Blythe dolls continue to captivate enthusiasts with their unique charm and offer a wide range of options for doll collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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