What's pullip dolls?

Pullip dolls are a popular line of collectible fashion dolls known for their distinctive large heads, expressive eyes, and high-quality craftsmanship. Here's some information about Pullip dolls:

  1. Origin: Pullip dolls were first introduced by the South Korean company Cheonsang Cheonha (C.C.Corp) in 2003. The name "Pullip" is derived from the Korean word "pullipda," meaning "to flutter" or "to blink."

  2. Design and Features: Pullip dolls have a unique and sophisticated design. They feature oversized heads with large eyes that can blink and change direction. The eyes can be adjusted using a lever or button on the back of the doll's head. The dolls have fully articulated bodies, allowing for various poses and movements.

  3. Fashion and Style: Pullip dolls are known for their fashion-forward style. They come dressed in detailed and fashionable outfits, often reflecting popular trends or themes. The dolls also have a wide range of accessories, including shoes, hats, and jewelry, that add to their overall style.

  4. Customization: Pullip dolls have become popular among collectors and customizers due to their customization potential. The dolls can be customized through face repaints, wig changes, outfit modifications, and the addition of unique accessories. Many artists and enthusiasts enjoy personalizing their Pullip dolls to create one-of-a-kind creations.

  5. Collaboration: Pullip dolls have collaborated with various brands, designers, and artists to create limited edition releases. These collaborations result in unique dolls with exclusive designs, often featuring famous characters, licensed properties, or special themes.

  6. Photography and Artistry: Pullip dolls are often favored by photographers and artists for their photogenic qualities. Their expressive eyes and poseability make them ideal subjects for creative photography projects and artistic displays.

  7. Collectability: Pullip dolls have a dedicated and passionate collector base. Limited edition releases, collaborations, and the rarity of certain dolls make them sought after by collectors worldwide. Some collectors focus on building a diverse collection of Pullip dolls, while others specialize in specific releases or themes.

Pullip dolls have a distinct charm and appeal, combining fashion, artistry, and customization. They offer a creative outlet for collectors and enthusiasts to express their individual style and showcase their artistic talents. Whether displayed as collectibles or used as artistic subjects, Pullip dolls continue to captivate doll lovers around the globe.

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