What's the blythe doll head ?

The Blythe doll head is a distinctive and iconic part of the Blythe doll's design. It is known for its oversized proportions, large eyes, and the ability to change colors and direction. Here's some information about the Blythe doll head:

  1. Size and Proportions: The Blythe doll head is intentionally larger than the average doll head, which contributes to its unique and eye-catching appearance. The head typically has a circumference of around 10.24 inches (26 centimeters), giving it a prominent presence in relation to the doll's body.

  2. Facial Features: The Blythe doll head is characterized by its large, round eyes that are a key focal point of the doll's face. The eyes have a diameter of approximately 0.79 inches (2 centimeters) and are designed to change color and direction using a mechanism located at the back of the head. The eyes can gaze straight ahead, to the side, or even upwards, adding to the doll's expressiveness.

  3. Face Mold: Blythe doll heads come in various face molds that determine the shape and features of the face. Different face molds can result in variations in facial structure, including the shape of the nose, mouth, and jawline. Each face mold has its own distinct character and personality, allowing collectors to choose a Blythe doll that resonates with their preferences.

  4. Customization: The Blythe doll head offers a canvas for customization and personalization. Many Blythe doll enthusiasts and artists enjoy repainting the doll's face to create unique looks and expressions. Customization can involve applying new makeup, adding details, or altering the eye chips for a personalized touch.

  5. Wig Application: Blythe doll heads are typically designed to accommodate removable wigs. The wigs can be easily attached to the doll's head, allowing for versatility and the ability to change hairstyles and colors. The wig application process involves securing the wig in place with hooks or adhesive.

The Blythe doll head is a central feature of the doll's design, drawing attention with its large eyes, customizable features, and the ability to change eye color and direction. Its unique proportions and potential for customization make it a captivating and versatile component of the Blythe doll.

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