What's the features of the eyes of Blythe dolls ?

The eyes of Blythe dolls are one of their most recognizable and captivating features. The unique design of Blythe doll eyes sets them apart from other dolls and adds to their charm. Here's some information about Blythe doll eyes:

  1. Size and Proportion: Blythe doll eyes are relatively large compared to the size of their heads, which contributes to their distinctive appearance. The eyes typically have a diameter of around 0.79 inches (2 centimeters), although there may be slight variations depending on the specific doll model or edition.

  2. Mechanism: Blythe doll eyes are designed to change color and direction through a mechanism located at the back of the doll's head. By pulling a string or using a lever, the eyes can be made to move side to side or gaze in different directions. This feature allows for a range of expressions and adds to the doll's interactive nature.

  3. Changing Eye Colors: Blythe doll eyes often have multiple colors or hues within them. When the eye mechanism is activated, the color of the eyes may change or become more pronounced. Some Blythe dolls have eyes with several color options, allowing collectors to customize the eye color to their preference.

  4. Expressiveness: The large and expressive eyes of Blythe dolls contribute to their appeal and versatility. The ability to change the direction and color of the eyes enhances the doll's ability to convey various emotions and personalities. Depending on the positioning of the eyes, Blythe dolls can appear curious, dreamy, or mischievous, among other expressions.

  5. Customization: Blythe doll eyes can be customized by collectors and artists. Some individuals may repaint or enhance the eye colors to create a unique look or to match a specific theme or character. Customizing the eyes allows for personalization and adds to the artistic possibilities that Blythe dolls offer.

The eyes of Blythe dolls are a focal point and a defining feature of their overall aesthetic. Their large size, color-changing mechanism, and expressiveness make them visually captivating and contribute to the doll's character and individuality.

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