What's the meaning of Blythe doll?

What's the meaning of Blythe doll?

Durable and highly detailed, these Blythe dolls are fantastic. What's the meaning of the name Blythe?

Traditionally, the word "Blythe" conveys the feeling of innocence combined with a sense of easygoing indifference.

The Origins of Sustainability

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Rivers are an important part of the English countryside, with many names that are ancient and evocative. The Blyth river is an example of such, coming from the Germanic word for “gentle” due to its calm, tranquil nature and pleasant course.

Blythe and its variant spellings are not uncommon English surnames either. Surnames originated in medieval times often as descriptions, sometimes given ironically. So someone named ‘Richard’ Blythe might have had that title because of his happy and easy-going personality for example.

We're admittedly bothered by the fact that 'blythe' is now considered an unusual word. The adverb form 'blithely,' meaning carefree, happy or oblivious, is much more common these days. In the past and even in the recent past, blythe was an equally common term to describe the feeling.


The ancestors of northern Europeans would have used the word blythe to refer to pleasurable thoughts or things. It's found in Old English, Old Dutch, Old German, and Old Norse. The closest word we have for blythe is 'bliss,' which comes from an ancient Slavic word meaning white. Thus, blythe also stems from the Proto-Indo-European word for flame (bela), and Sanskrit has this too with the word 'bhala' meaning brilliance or splendour.



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