what's the mold of fake base custom blythe doll ?

-----Edelweiss day custom blythe doll

Fake base custom Blythe dolls typically use molds that are replicas of the original Takara Blythe doll molds. These fake molds aim to imitate the authentic Blythe doll features but are manufactured by third-party companies rather than official Blythe doll producers. Here are the most common fake Blythe molds you might encounter:

TBL (Taobao Blythe) Mold

  • Description: Named after the Chinese online marketplace Taobao, these dolls are among the most common fake Blythes. They replicate the general appearance of authentic Blythes but often have noticeable differences in quality and detail.
  • Features: TBL dolls often have different plastic quality, slight variations in facial features, and sometimes less detailed eye mechanisms compared to authentic Blythes.

Factory Doll Mold

  • Description: These dolls are sometimes referred to as "factory Blythes" and are purportedly made from surplus parts from factories producing genuine Blythe dolls. However, many are entirely fake and not associated with legitimate factories.
  • Features: Factory dolls can have a mix of features from different Blythe molds and often exhibit inconsistencies in quality and assembly.

Clone Molds

  • Description: These molds are direct copies of authentic Blythe molds and are created by third-party manufacturers. They strive to closely mimic the original molds but are distinguishable upon closer inspection.
  • Features: Clone molds may replicate the face shapes and body types of various authentic Blythe molds, such as RBL, SBL, or FBL, but typically have lower quality plastic and finish.

Identification Tips

  1. Plastic Quality: Fake molds often use lower quality plastic, which can feel lighter, less durable, and may have a different texture compared to authentic Blythe dolls.
  2. Facial Features: Subtle differences in the shaping of the nose, lips, and eyes can indicate a fake mold. Authentic Blythes have more refined and consistent facial features.
  3. Eye Mechanism: The eye mechanism in fake molds may be less smooth or have a different feel when changing eye positions compared to the original.
  4. Markings: Authentic Blythe dolls have specific markings and stamps on their heads and bodies that can help identify them. Fake molds might lack these markings or have incorrect ones.

When choosing a fake base custom Blythe doll, it's essential to be aware of these molds and their characteristics. While they offer an affordable and flexible option for customization, understanding the differences helps ensure you know what you're working with and can set appropriate expectations for quality and detail.

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