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A custom Blythe doll is a personalized toy created by following the customer's requests.

You can also choose from our pre-designed custom Blythe dolls if this is your first time. Once you pick the kind of handmade Blythe doll that best suits what you're looking for, our team will help bring your vision to life. They'll design and finish a one-of-a-kind handmade outfit including shoes, which lets you see how we match each individual doll with complementary accessories to give them the perfect look.

2) Factory Blythe Doll
Factory-made Blythe Doll

If you're eager to customize and dress up a factory-made Blythe Doll, but don't have the time or money for one of our premium custom kits, check out our factory doll category. There are limited options available on this page, as it is designed for Blythe Doll customizers who want to build their own package. More choices await you if you decide to order in bulk too! Selecting your bundle is an exciting process that lets you create the perfect dolly outfit by picking the clothes, accessories and shoes she needs.

3) Design your own Blythe Doll

Building your Blythe doll on this one page, without navigating to other pages, is possible now for the first time in the world. Whether you’re building an outfit for your new doll or creating a clothing map for the collector, our single-page builder will help you get it done in a snap. This unique and user-friendly approach makes getting started a breeze and gives you a finished product straightaway!

Purchase and delivery

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We are passionate about these adorable collectible dolls and we’ve worked hard to make every one of them extra special.

The Story of Blythe Dolls

In 1972, Allison Katzman created the first Blythe Doll. Blythes were then produced by toy company Kenner, but gained little popularity amongst children and their production was stopped after just a single year. Resultantly, dolls made during this short period of time became mysteriously coveted by some experienced collectors, making them now worth around $1,500-$4,000.

Photographer and producer Gina Garan revived these dolls. She started in the late 90s, and popularized them in Japan and all over the world. For instance, when she published her book This Is Blythe! with more versions like Blythestyle, Hello Blythe!, and Susie Says--she shot her toys in a range of poses in California.

Blythe dolls are popular with collectors because they're collectible and customizable. They also make excellent models for photographers. And of course, they make wonderful gifts!

What's the meaning of Blythe?

"Blythe" or "blithe" means carefree or nonchalant--happiness and joy. It's an energetic, modern and contemporary name that many think of with Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit--a fun, lively and elaborate little play. So how do you spell b-lythe? The word's spelling combines all those good vibes into a stylish English surname that is uncommon but stylish."

The Blythe Doll was introduced to the public in 1972 by Kenner.

Designer Allison Katzman created the original Blythe doll in 1972. She originally came in four different colors and sizes, but back then the only place you could find her was through the toy manufacturer Kenner. Soon after, though, she proved to be a hit with children everywhere, and it wasn't long before she sold internationally."

Gina Garan got an original Kenner Blythe doll for her birthday and developed a love for the vintage toy. She used it as an opportunity to learn about photography by practicing with it, photographing the doll in public places. Eventually, an American toy producer saw her work and together, they realized that the creativity of collecting Kenner Blythe dolls would be warmly welcomed in Japan. They sought out the rights to reproduce these vintage toys and introduced them to Japanese children once again.

Where do Blythe Dolls come from?

In 2000, the toy company produced a TV commercial for their department store that featured their newly improved dolls. The new, improved dolls became an enormous hit in Japan and surrounding areas, and more than 1000 were sold to meet consumer demands. However, the doll's popularity did not extend to United States customers; while Takara's Neo Blythe Dolls were based loosely on the originals from 1972, Ashton Drake attempted to produce exact replicas.

Every single type of Blythe doll is available to our customers worldwide. In the U.S., Canada, Australia and other countries around the world, we provide free shipping and free handling. This year, our custom Neo Blythes are very popular. They range in price from $50-$250, based on the limited edition release this year. If you're interested in buying your Custom Neo Blythe Doll, click on the link below to do so now!

How much is a Blythe Doll?

When you're searching for a Blythe Doll, you may see prices starting at $49. Original edition Blythes from 1972 start at $3500 because they are rare. Any Custom Blyth Doll size from $180 to $6500 depending on the artist and the level of customization.

Now is a great time to buy a Blythe doll. In just a few years, they will be worth triple what you paid. Some of the world's most impressive doll collectors on our website have amassed incredible collections of over 2000 dolls in the United States and Europe alone! Their collections are bound to become valuable investments this year, whether you're a collector or customizer.

What are the sizes of a Blythe Doll?

Blythe dolls come in three sizes:

Blythe — Between 12 - 16 inches (30-45cm)

The Middie Blythe Doll Is 20 cm Tall.

Petite Blythe Doll - 4 inches (10cm) tall

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