What's vintage blythe doll ?

Vintage Blythe dolls refer to the original Blythe dolls that were produced by the American toy company Kenner in the 1970s. These vintage Blythe dolls have gained significant popularity and collectibility over the years. Here's some information about vintage Blythe dolls:

  1. Production: Kenner introduced Blythe dolls in 1972 but discontinued production after a short period due to various factors, including limited popularity at the time. As a result, vintage Blythe dolls from the 1970s are relatively rare and highly sought after by collectors.

  2. Features: Vintage Blythe dolls have distinctive characteristics that make them unique and recognizable. They have large heads with oversized eyes that change color with a pull string mechanism located on the back of the head. The dolls also have an articulated body with movable joints, allowing for posing and movement.

  3. Design: Vintage Blythe dolls were known for their fashion-forward and avant-garde style. They often came dressed in trendy outfits that reflected the fashion trends of the 1970s. The dolls had a whimsical and somewhat unconventional appearance, setting them apart from traditional dolls of that era.

  4. Collectability: Vintage Blythe dolls are highly collectible and can command high prices in the vintage doll market. Their limited production and rarity contribute to their value. Collectors are often drawn to the unique charm and history associated with these vintage dolls.

  5. Condition and Rarity: The condition of vintage Blythe dolls is an important consideration for collectors. Dolls in good condition, with minimal wear, intact pull strings, and vibrant eye colors, are generally more desirable. Finding vintage Blythe dolls in their original packaging or with original accessories further adds to their rarity and value.

It's important to note that due to their age and rarity, vintage Blythe dolls can be challenging to find, and their prices can vary significantly based on factors such as condition, original packaging, and desirability among collectors. If you're interested in acquiring a vintage Blythe doll, it's recommended to consult reputable doll dealers, auction platforms, or specialized vintage doll marketplaces. These sources can provide information on availability, pricing, and the authenticity of vintage Blythe dolls.

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