Who is the creator of Tomie?

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It's important to clarify that "Tomie" is not written by Junji Ito; it is a manga series created by another acclaimed manga artist, Junji Ito's fellow Japanese creator, Junji Ito. The confusion in names might have led to the misunderstanding.

Regarding the question of why Junji Ito wrote "Tomie" in a way that some readers find disturbing or terrible, it's essential to recognize that interpretations of art, especially in the horror genre, can be highly subjective. Different readers may perceive and react to a work of horror differently based on their personal experiences, values, and cultural backgrounds.

Junji Ito, as a horror manga artist, is known for pushing boundaries and exploring the darker aspects of human nature. His works often delve into psychological horror, grotesque imagery, and surreal narratives. "Tomie" specifically tackles themes of immortality, obsession, and the macabre consequences of unbridled desire.

The intention behind writing a horror story is often to elicit strong emotions and provoke thought. Ito may have aimed to create a narrative that challenges societal norms, raises uncomfortable questions, or explores the darker corners of the human psyche. However, the impact and reception of such works can vary widely among audiences.

It's crucial to approach discussions about the content of horror stories with sensitivity, acknowledging that individual reactions will differ. While some readers appreciate the complexity and depth of Ito's storytelling, others may find certain themes unsettling or disturbing. Ultimately, the interpretation of "Tomie" as terrible or impactful is subjective and varies from person to person.

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