Why choose stock custom blythe dolls?

Edelweiss day customized blythe doll

Why choose stock blythe dolls?


Preference for Stock Blythe Dolls:

    • The individual initially preferred custom Blythe dolls but has evolved to prefer fully stock ones over time, even though matting the face is acceptable.
  1. Change in Preference for Emotional Expression:

    • Acknowledges that fully stock dolls may have less emotional expression and posability in pictures but expresses a personal liking for stock dolls in person.
  2. Customization Preferences:

    • The individual has created customs using both genuine Blythe dolls and factory/fake dolls. Believes that heavily customized Blythe dolls lose the essence of being a "Blythe" and become more like art projects. States a preference for facial features in lightly customized dolls to still resemble a real Blythe face.
  3. Use of Fake Parts:

    • Expresses the viewpoint that, since heavily customized Blythe dolls are no longer perceived as stock Blythe dolls, using fake parts in customization is acceptable. The face plate's origin, whether Takara or fake, doesn't matter as much if the doll is heavily customized.
  4. Reselling Experience:

    • Notes that there's been better success in reselling fake customs compared to those made from genuine parts, possibly due to the lower initial cost of fake dolls making them more budget-friendly for buyers.
  5. Emphasis on Artistic Expression:

    • The individual sees heavily customized Blythe dolls as a subcategory and more of an art project, emphasizing that the appeal is not necessarily tied to the base used but rather the artistic outcome.
  6. Practical Considerations:

    • Considers practical factors, such as budget constraints, when it comes to purchasing and reselling dolls, indicating a pragmatic approach to the hobby.

In summary, the message conveys a shift in preference from custom to stock Blythe dolls over time, a nuanced perspective on customization, and a practical consideration of factors like budget and resale value. The individual emphasizes the artistic aspect of customization and is open to using fake parts in the process.

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