why does tomie keep getting killed?

Tomie is a fictional character created by Japanese manga artist Junji Ito. She is a popular horror icon known for her regenerative abilities, which allow her to survive and come back to life even after being killed or dismembered. In the series, Tomie is often the center of disturbing and macabre stories where she brings out the darkest desires and obsessions in people, leading to gruesome and violent situations.

The reason Tomie keeps getting killed and coming back to life is a recurring theme in the manga, and it serves to emphasize her supernatural and malevolent nature. No matter how horrific her fate, Tomie always finds a way to resurrect herself, perpetuating the cycle of horror and tragedy.

The exact origin of Tomie's regenerative powers is never fully explained in the stories. She seems to be a supernatural being with an otherworldly origin, and her true nature remains enigmatic throughout the series. The lack of a concrete explanation for her abilities adds to the mystery and horror surrounding the character.

In many of the stories, Tomie's immortality and allure drive people to madness and obsession, leading them to kill her in an attempt to escape her influence. However, as seen in the manga, cutting her into pieces or killing her in various ways only results in more Tomies sprouting from the remains, creating an unending cycle of horror.

Tomie's repeated deaths and resurrections make her a formidable and terrifying antagonist in the horror genre, perpetuating the idea that she is an unstoppable force that brings chaos and destruction wherever she goes.


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