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Edelweiss Day

BJD DOLL SD Mr. Leung 70.5cm Full Set Ball-jointed Doll PRE-ORDER

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DOLLZONE  SD Mr. Leung 70.5cm boy Body Size:

FULL SET Includes:

  • Nude Doll
  • 16mm Eyes
  • Face Up
  • Outfit (mesh long sleeved T-shirt, black slacks, white shirt jacket, body chain, earrings, small rings x 13, will require DIY)
  • Wig
  • Dollzone Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Soft, Padded Cushion

Height with head: 71cm
Height without head: 66cm
Neck circumference: 10cm
Shoulder width: 15cm
Bust: 33.5cm
Waist: 21.7cm
Hips: 29cm
Thigh circumference: 16.3cm
Calf circumference: 12cm
Arm length: 21cm
Leg length: 25cm
Wrist diameter:2cm
Foot length: 8cm
Foot width: 3cm

  • Skin:Skin Colors: Pink, White, Peach (Pink White)

  • Delivery Time:About 5-6 months (excluding weekends days)

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