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Edelweiss Day

BJD DOLLS YoSD 30cm Girl Sleeping Peach Basic Pre-order

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DOLLZONE  YoSD 30cm Girl Sleeping Peach Basic Body Size:BASIC  SET Includes:

    • Nude Doll (Blank ONLY)
    • 14mm eyes (random)
    • Dollzone Box
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Outfit includes headgear, scarf, skirt, overskirt (sleeveless ), overskirt ( with sleeves), panniers, socks, chest accessories*1, cuff accessories*2, lucky bag back accessories.



Height (with head): 30cm

Height (without head): 24.5cm

Head circumference: 17.5cm

Eyes size: 14mm

Neck circumference: 4.8cm

Shoulder width: 5cm

Chest circumference: 12.6cm

Waist circumference: 11cm

Hip circumference: 16cm

Arm length: 9.3cm

Wrist diameter: 0.9cm

Leg length: 12.5cm

Thigh circumference: 9cm

Ankle diameter: 1cm

Foot length: 3.8cm

Foot width: 1.6cm


Height (with head): 30cm

Neck circumference: 5cm

Shoulder width: 5.5cm

Chest circumference: 10.5cm

Waist circumference: 9.6cm

Hip circumference: 15.7cm

Arm length: 7cm

Leg length: 12cm

Thigh circumference:10cm

Foot length: 4.3cm

Foot width: 1.8cm

  • Skin Colors: White or Peach (Pink White)

  • Delivery Time:About 5-6 months (excluding weekends days)

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