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Edelweiss Day

Electric Wool Felting Tool ,Needle Felting Supplies Needle Felting Mahine,Felting Needle Gun,Felting Tools

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Comes with a spare movement, an adapted needle for any needle


- Machine for dry felting;

- Power Supply;

-Equipped with thick, medium and fine three needle types, each needle type free 4 needles, a total of 12 free needles

-200-800 times per minute;

- Holder for 1 - 4 needles;

- little tool, spare parts;

*Electric felting tool for meeting all of your needs for wool felting.Electric Needle felting tools , Variable speed, usually takes 1 hour of work 15 minutes to complete, suitable for large needle felting and 

*Available for those with dexterity  issues or arm/shoulder hand arthritis.


① If you work 3 hours a day for 7 days, it is important to regularly check for oil dryness and oil deficiency to ensure optimal performance. ② Depending on the nature of your work, such as large and tough fiber projects, it is recommended to check the second movement after approximately 3 days of continuous work. Friction can cause the bearing oil to become black and dry, so timely oil replenishment is crucial to extend its lifespan. ③ Users who work sporadically may be able to use the movement for up to a year without replacement. However, for more frequent usage, it may be necessary to replace the movement every few months or even sooner. Regularly observing the second movement for signs of oil deficiency can help prolong its usability. ④ The machine offers significant advantages, akin to the convenience of a pen. It provides ease of operation for intricate carving details compared to a "gun" tool, and it is known for its durability. Additionally, the versatility to switch between single and four needles allows for adaptation to projects of various sizes.

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