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Edelweiss Day

Outdoor Electric Lighter - Three Lighting Modes, IP56 Waterproof, Fast Charging, Windproof, Perfect for Camping, Night Walking, and Fishing - Multiple Colors Available

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  1. Large-Area Lighting: The electric lighter serves as a practical large-area lighting solution, making it ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces during camping trips, night walks, and night fishing expeditions.

  2. Three Lighting Modes: The lighter offers three lighting modes, catering to different lighting needs - high brightness for clear visibility, low brightness for ambient lighting, and strobe for emergencies or signaling.

  3. IP56 Waterproof: Designed to withstand outdoor elements, the electric lighter boasts an impressive IP56 waterproof rating, ensuring its functionality remains unaffected even in wet and rainy conditions.

  4. Convenient Charging: Equipped with a TYPE-C fast charging port, the lighter can be easily charged using various power sources such as car chargers, laptops, power banks, or sockets, making it extremely convenient for outdoor adventures.

  5. Versatility and Durability: With its free nylon lanyard, multiple color options, and strong windproof capabilities, the electric lighter proves to be a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its lightning cross double arc technology guarantees a powerful and efficient ignition in any weather condition. Additionally, the LED blue light power display keeps users informed about the battery level, ensuring they are always prepared for their next adventure.

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